What customers tell you they think about your brand can often be at odds with their behaviour. Understanding the unfiltered perception of what customers really think and say about you and your competitors gives a vital insight into improving relevance, inspiring word of mouth and fostering loyalty.

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Understanding consumer language

Most brands use trackers to monitor changing performance. While trackers provide valuable benchmarking, tapping into unprompted consumer conversations about your brand in their own words, offers a deeper dimension into how they feel, speak and share. Understanding the language, tone of voice, themes, and sentiment of unfiltered consumer data is the ultimate 'real-life' way to compare how your brand is doing.

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Neuro-linguistic programming

Brand Difference uses online user-generated content about your brand and your competitors from forums, blogs, review sites, wikis and social networking sites. This treasure trove of insight is analysed using neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and sentiment analysis to reveal the points of difference between brands in the marketplace, and help to assess whether brand perceptions are in line with brand positioning.

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Who is Brand Difference for?

CMOs, Comms leaders and Digital marketers can use Brand Difference to identify what people truly love about your brand, where they are let down and the tweaks you can make to achieve unique brand positioning. 

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We'll show you how we use deeper perceptions to compare Brand Difference, and discuss how it could give your positioning and comms the edge. Send us a line here and we'll be in touch directly.

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