As brands prepare to weather increasing socio-economic disruption across the UK, UNLIMITED took the pulse of CMOs from a wide range of industries to explore what will be driving their strategies in 2023. Our aim? To provide an exclusive lens into what's making CMOs tick in the face of looming risks and opportunities. 

The marketing leaders we surveyed shared their key priorities, which painted a picture of breadth and depth for their ever-increasing remit. See for yourself: 

  • Barometer 96% of study participants rated performance marketing as their top priority
  • Barometer Behavioural science is on balance seen as better sitting with agencies than in-house, with 39% of CMOs preferring it as an external rather than internal capability
  • Barometer A hefty 96% of respondents ranked CX as a key concern, but only 79% said they are using it as a tool for ROI
  • barometer 67% of the CMOs we asked said that they were applying research & insight techniques to improve conversion

What’s really driving the CMO community in 2023?

But using a subconscious technique in our research, we found the true agenda for CMOs is much less expansive and focused squarely on the 'central pillars' of digital and creativity, with many other priorities seemingly taking a back seat. So, what's really driving marketing leaders in 2023 and beyond? 

Whether you're looking to enhance your strategy with actionable insights or spot and plug any gaps in your planning for the year ahead, the CMO Barometer will give you the tools to navigate the fast-changing landscape of the UK.

Get your hands on a copy to glimpse more of the insights behind the numbers and activate your exclusive pass into the CMO subconscious. 


CMO Barometer 2023