CMO Barometer 2024

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Are you ready to get under the skin of the CMO community?  

2023 was a period of continual change and transformation for marketing leaders. But with the meteoric rise of artificial intelligence and ongoing economic uncertainty, the industry should be preparing for further swings and shifts in 2024.  

Where there are challenges, there will be opportunities. And UNLIMITED has surveyed CMOs, senior marketers, PR and comms professionals across all manner of industries to paint a comprehensive picture of what they are thinking and feeling in the current climate. Here’s a taste: 

  • Barometer 88% of respondents admitted that they were concerned about the privacy and data security issues surrounding AI adoption.
  • Barometer Only 49% of CMOs are focused on measuring their business’s carbon impact.
  • Barometer When it comes to bolstering campaigns with scientific insight, 91% of those we surveyed find behavioural science useful.

Maximising Business Impact for 2024

Whether you're looking to enhance your strategy with actionable insights or spot and plug any gaps in your planning for the financial year ahead, the CMO Barometer will give you the tools to navigate the fast-changing landscape of the UK. 

Get your hands on a copy to glimpse more of the insights behind the numbers.