Marketing investment has to generate ROI. That’s a given. Predicting future ROI however, is a challenge when decisions are needed in the present. Most ROI assessments relate to short-term successes around a single sale – this can be misleading and lead to poor investment decisions. Use your data to optimise future marketing investments through our Lifetime Value modelling.

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Invest in the right channels

Marketing efforts in customer acquisition, loyalty scheme benefits and retention incentives, all cost money. Brands need total confidence in putting resources into the right channels and targeting the right customer groups to actually deliver positive returns. Our investment return modelling takes the full and Lifetime Value of customers into account, to better forecast initiatives that may win or lose.

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Data-driven dashboard tooling

Lifetime Value uses leading-edge data science techniques to forecast the value of each of your customers. We build this into a decision support tool delivered to your business as an interactive dashboard that you can use to road test the impact of different business decisions and scenarios on future customer value.

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Who is Lifetime Value for?

Lifetime Value gives CMOs an understanding of the relationship between investment decisions and the payoff. Our data scientists provide a framework to enable resource planning and the identification of future high-value customer look-a-likes for acquisition or growth investment.


We'd love to walk you through our data science approach for Lifetime Value modelling. Request a conversation here with our data science team, and we'll be straight back to you. 

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