Optimise creative performance

Having the right comms strategy is a great start, yet many a good-looking campaign has fallen down when it comes to impact on the bottom line. In today’s attention economy it's vital to review and optimise every element of your creative comms - not only for what consumers think, but how they implicitly feel and respond.


Emotionally intelligent messages

You only get one first chance to make an impression. Your brand advertising has to spark an emotional response that remains with consumers long after exposure, driving consumers to act: to talk about your ad with others, to investigate your brand further and, ultimately, to consider, to buy and to recommend.


Implicit Reaction Time Testing

Creative Connection allows you to assess your comms to understand how they catch consumer attention, where in the brain they evoke an emotional response, and whether they drive the actions you are looking for – all within a week. Through Implicit Reaction Time testing, we tell you what consumers really think and how they respond, giving you science-based confidence in your creative strategy.


Who is Creative Connection for?

Creative Connection helps CMOs and CDOs to set expectations on likely performance in the field, ahead of your launch. Test any comms executions from video and static to creative concepts or matching messages with the audience, to fine tune creative for maximum effectiveness.

Show me more

We'd love to show you how our unique Creative Connection testing makes a difference to your ad and comms performance. Send us a line and we'll be right back to you.



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