Messaging shouldn't begin with a blank sheet of paper. Choosing the most motivating drivers and language makes the difference between success and failure - but all too often it's a subjective choice. Decision Drivers provides a scientific route in to your comms success.


Meaningful messaging

Great messaging saves brands. Getting the right message to the right customers via the right channels at the right moment is the way to brand survival and success. It is easier said than done though. Using data to optimise messaging cues for your brand ensures your marketing spend works as hard as it possibly can to influence purchase.


Implicit Reaction Time testing

We use cutting-edge technologies to find the best comms approach for you. We go beyond traditional survey techniques to understand what consumers really think (what Implicit Reaction Time Testing provides) and to find the optimal combination of messaging themes (with statistical TURF analysis).


Who is Decision Drivers for?

Decision Drivers empower Heads of Comms and CMOs with the tools to optimise messaging, choosing those cues, identified through subconscious reaction, that both drive the category and where your brand outperforms the competition.


We'd love to give you a look under the hood at Decision Drivers, and discuss how it can enhance your messaging impact. Request a walk-through here and we'll be in touch directly.


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