Everyone inside your business should care about knowing your customers better. They are more than numbers on a dashboard, they are real people with real lives and real challenges. Deeper understanding of their thoughts, feelings and subconscious gets to the heart of what makes them tick, and how they will (or won't) respond to your brand.

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Behavioural change

Successful marketing leverages the very latest thinking and techniques, to stay in-step with fast-changing audiences. Our team of experts in neuroscience, behavioural science and data science explain how combining leading-edge techniques reveals new truths of understanding that in turn, translate into targeted strategies for behavioural change and focused outcomes.

Masterclass c

Tools to influence behaviour

The 2-hour Masterclass workshop takes you through understanding the unconscious, emotional dimension of the consumer brain and how we get to the heart of its impact on decision making. We leave you with the tools to understand how to influence customer behaviour at key points of the customer journey.

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Who is the Masterclass for?

The Human Understanding Masterclass is the perfect way to inspire senior Marketing, Digital and Comms leaders within your business. We show how proven science from a range of disciplines creates deeper consumer understanding for better products, higher impact creative and more effective communications across every touchpoint.

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Get the inside-track on innovative ways to better understand people and explore new ways to reach your full brand potential. Request a Human Understanding Masterclass here.

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