Place the customer right at the heart of your business by understanding who they are, but also what makes them tick. Move beyond one-dimensional demographic targeting and connect with the issues that really drive your consumer segments.

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Brands that speak only to their consumers’ demographic profiles are landing just a small share of the conversation. Two people with the same demographic profile may see the world differently, varying their response to your marketing approach. Dialling up on empathy through deeper consumer understanding has the power to drive personal connection with your brand and transform comms effectiveness. 

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Consumer personality profiles

Personality Profiler accesses and analyses the social media posts of consumers in your target segments, using OCEAN to profile five key personality dimensions:  Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism.

We use OCEAN profiling to create segmentation models and build creative territories based on psychographic clusters. We help your brand go much deeper to leverage personality understanding for competitive advantage. 

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Who is Personality Profiler for?

CMOs, comms and digital marketers can use unbiased social data to identify the underlying traits that light-up your audiences. Use Personality Profiler to determine tone of voice, style, and composition for creative and comms that best resonates with your audiences' personality preferences. 


We'd love to share more on how Personality Profiler works, and discuss how it can make an impact on your comms. Request a walk-through here and we'll be straight back to you. 

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